From Tradition to Future

Founded in 1971, Özdilek Holding established the Özdilek Foundation for Education, Health, Culture, and Arts in 2002 in order to gather its investments in education, environment, health, services, and cultural support under a single roof. Since the day it was founded, it has been carrying out and supporting activities in various fields, particularly in education, to provide benefits in an institutional and effective manner.

Shaping the awareness of "being useful to society" that extends from tradition to the future with projects for the future and development of the country, the foundation is moving forward on the path it has opened with the idea of reaching every segment of society with the past and present.

Since 2002, scholarships have been provided to 3,439 university students, and 9 schools have been built in different cities and entrusted to the Ministry of National Education to shed light on the future of the country.

To highlight sustainable environmental awareness, Özdilek Holding continues its efforts to protect nature and our future by donating a total of 100 thousand saplings on behalf of the organizations in the group of companies.

To pioneer in the field of health and services, a health center was built in Bursa İnegöl and a police center in İzmir Balçova.