E-Commerce: Only a Click Away

Basing all its production and sales activities on customer satisfaction, Özdilek has launched the online shopping site Ozdilekteyim.com once again with the aim of delivering the highest quality products to its customers in the fastest way possible with the funds of knowledge and experience. Consisting of two parts with a market and a store, Ozdilekteyim.com is a rich platform where you can reach many brands online.

There are more than 14 thousand different product alternatives in the market section where you can meet all the needs and wants for your home at any time. From fresh fruits and vegetables to cleaning supplies, dry food to delicious bakery products, stationery supplies to baby care products and personal care products... Options are limitless.

The store has the infrastructure and equipment to meet the users' requirements 24/7 with more than 35 thousand product alternatives, including Özdilek Home Textile products, clothing, accessories and shoes, watches, and perfumes, appealing to all age groups of world-famous brands.

Özdilekteyim.com market section provides 24/7 service to 6 different cities, namely Antalya, Bursa, Eskişehir, İzmir, Kocaeli, and Yalova, while the store section provides 24/7 service to 81 points in Turkey.

At Özdilekteyim.com you can shop for thousands of products from the market to the store with a single click anytime and anywhere. It also offers shopping opportunities with the privilege of mobile application.

Our Brands

Brands engaged in e-commerce section

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