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  • Thousands of products are delivered to you with the quality of Özdilek by Online Payment, Payment at the Door and/or bank transfer...
  • Özdilek continues its service in Turkish textile and retail sector with 10 thousand tons of annual towel production capacity, 13 thousand tons cotton yarn production and Shopping Centers...
  • Experience the 3-D movies in Özdilek Cinetime Theatres.
  • River Plaza located in Özdilek Center constructed on a 27.000 m2 area in Büyükdere Street in Levent, the heart of İstanbul, has 35.000 m2 rentable areas.
  • Özek Air schedules flights completely in line with the demands and needs of its customers since it was founded.
  • Özlü Sigorta was founded to service for ÖZDİLEK Group companies in Bursa in 1992 and today it provides insurance service in elementary level to its many customers.
  • Qualitasspa presents a life-style for Özdilek customers as well as high technology equipment’s and first class sport experience with the employees being a specialist in their fields.
  • Tabiat Tarım services with 10 acres breeding farm and Quarantine Area, 220 acres agricultural area, 7,5 acres Training and Research Center.
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Chairman's Message
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