In the creation of the Özdilek Holding logo, orange and black colors, which are the color codes of Özdilek, were preferred. The logo, inspired by the Özdilek emblem, includes the letters 'ö' and 'd' in the name of the Özdilek brand. The top of the part that symbolizes the letters 'ö' and 'd' has a shape similar to a torch. This figure symbolizes the commitment to the vision set forth within the framework of the corporate culture and the determination. Through orange on black, it was aimed to emphasize that Özdilek Holding is innovative, reliable, and entrepreneur in the sectors it operates in.

Never compromising on the quality standards during the production, Özdilek has drawn its logo with sharp lines to emphasize this feature and created it in black colors, symbolizing trust. In addition, the Özdilek emblem was designed in angular lines symbolizing the industry, in order to indicate that its products are produced by Özdilek itself, and the letters 'ö' and 'd' were added to its middle part.

Since 1991, the color red, which symbolizes sincerity and determination, has been preferred in order to render the logo more prominent.

Since 1994, the logo color has been orange because it is a dynamic and heartwarming color and these concepts evoke trust and sincerity, and it continues to be this way.

In 2005, the Özdilek emblem took the form of a circle with the letters 'ö' and 'd' in order to emphasize that services are provided not only in the production sector but also in different sectors and to bring an aesthetic innovation to the content.

In 2009, the logo started to be used without registers. In this way, it is aimed to gain a simpler appearance.