Özdilek Holding donated 40,000 saplings to Izmir Friendship Forest and National Sovereignty Forest located within Urla - Zeytinlik and Menderes Görece borders and built 3 memorial forests between 2004 and 2005, with the awareness that the greatest heritage to be left to future generations is nature. In 2018, Özdilek Holding planted 30,000 saplings in Bursa Karacabey and 10,000 saplings in Izmir Bademli Afforestation Area in cooperation with the Turkish Foundation for Combating Erosion, Reforestation and Protection of Natural Habitats (TEMA). On the 100th anniversary of our republic, Özdilek Holding protects the nature and our future by donating 20 thousand saplings to the Sivas Sivrialan Memorial Forest in Sivas Sarkışla.

Adopting the corporate legacy, the Özdilek Foundation is committed to the environment with its factories that produce without harming it; to fattening production without disrupting the ecological balance; to the energy production it provides by using natural resources efficiently; to the training it provides for the employees, and to its sustainable environmental projects.

  • Özdilek Ev Tekstil San. Tic. A.Ş. Memorial Forest İzmir / Bademli
  • Özdilek Holding Memorial Forest Bursa / Karacabey
  • Ozdilekteyim.com Memorial Forest Bursa / Karacabey
  • Özdilek Foundation Memorial Forest Bursa / Karacabey
  • Özdilek Group Forest İzmir / Bornova
  • Özdilek Group Forest İzmir / Menderes - Görece
  • Özdilek Forest İzmir / Urla - Uzunkuyu
  • Özdilek Holding Memorial Forest Sivas / Sarkışla - Sivrialan