Import & Export: Export Journey in Global Trade

A part of clothing, food, and non-food products produced under Özdilek Holding are imported to be sold at Özdilek Shopping Malls by prioritizing quality and price balance. We import around USD 258,000 worth of clothing and non-food products annually since 1997. Products range from souvenirs to decoration, from clothing to glassware, and many more.

Maintaining its exporting activities since the start of export in 1978, Özdilek Holding brings USD 25 million to our country annually with its operations in various parts of the world, especially in the USA and the EU countries.

Özdilek owns 47.5% of Tex Idea GmbH, a company founded in Germany in 2007. Özdilek offers many of its products from textiles to furniture in the European markets, especially in Germany through Tex Idea. Tex Idea achieves a turnover of € 50 million annually with these activities.

Also, Özdilek imports roughly 2,500 cattle a year through its Tabiat Tarım company. The total volume of this import is approximately USD 3 million.