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Özdilek Holding established the Food R&D Center for food production units in 2018 and Özveri R&D Center in 2019.

Özdilek Holding started to establish its own R&D Center in the structuring process that began in 2018. Since its establishment in November 2018, the Food R&D Center's duty has been to develop new products and improve the existing products in all food production units. Its 2-people core structure and a 20-people tasting team carry out activities for cafes and restaurants under the directorate of food and beverage operations and for the butchery, bakery products, ice cream, appetizers, baklava, and Turkish delight production under the directorate of the fresh food category. For products that have gone through test production after product development and improvement activities, the tasting team conducts objective analyses for their continuous production. In 2019, the R&D center conducted 22 separate activities for product development and improvement. Our aim is to carry out at least 10 R&D studies and at least 20 P&D activities annually. The Food R&D Center aims to increase the quality of existing products and present the new flavors it has developed to its guests after the cost/benefit analysis.

The directorate of information technologies under Özdilek Holding started to establish its own R&D Center in the structuring process that began in 2018. Their activities in this process led to the establishment of Özveri R&D Center in February, 2019. The aim of this structuring is to provide sectoral solutions to all the companies of Özdilek Holding, to Turkey and to the world. Özveri R&D Center aims to produce innovative and difference-making projects in technology and information by keeping up with the rapidly digitalizing world. The aim is to reduce external dependence by turning its projects into products and services. Özveri R&D Center's work includes camera image processing technologies, deep learning, artificial intelligence, mobile applications, and cloud solutions. Özveri R&D Center publishes the solutions developed under the Corewish brand on corewish.com.

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  • Özveri Arge Merkezi
  • Gıda Ar - Ge Merkezi