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Established in 1992 to serve Özdilek group companies, Özlü Sigorta continues its activities with more than 30 years of knowledge and experience in the insurance sector.

The company, which started its operations with a corporate agency structure, has been providing insurance services to its corporate and individual customers as well as its employees as of 2019, endeavoring to make it possible for all its customers to look to the future with confidence.

The Company issues policies in complementary, private, and foreign health; traffic, motor insurance, green card, voluntary financial liability, personal accident, overseas travel and education, workplace, employer, and third-party liability, machinery breakdown, electronic device, transport, agricultural insurance, cyber, aircraft, and boat insurance branches. With the support of its rich product range and strong business partners, it offers the most accurate solutions to its customers and provides the most advantageous prices. It has gained the trust of both its customers and the sector thanks to its expert, professional team, and early and conscious interventions at the time of damage.

Continuing its investments for the future with Özdilek service quality and assurance, Özlü Sigorta takes firm steps forward by maintaining its power in the sector with its vision of development and innovation in order to adapt to the speed of technology and digitalization in the developing world.




·          Comprehensive Motor Insurance

·          Traffic Insurance

·          Optional Financial Liability Insurance

·          Green Card Insurance


·          Home Insurance

·          TCIP Insurance


·          Private Health Insurance

·          Supplementary Health Insurance

·          Foreign Health Insurance

·          Personal accident insurance

·          Education Abroad Insurance

·          Overseas Travel Insurance


·          Workplace Insurance

·          Employer's Financial Liability Insurance

·          3rd Party Financial Liability Insurance

·          Machinery Breakdown Insurance

·          Electronic Device Insurance


·          Agriculture Insurance

·          Transport Insurance

·          Aircraft and Boat Insurance

·          Cyber Insurance

     Address : Soğanlı Mah. İstanbul Cad. No. 343 / 3 16150 Osmangazi / Bursa

     Telephone: 444 56 99 

     E-Mail: info@ozlusigorta.com.tr

     For further information ozlusigorta.com.tr

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Brands we serve in the insurance sector

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