Agriculture and Livestock Farm: Natural Flavours from Nature to your Table

At the Tabiat Smart Agriculture Farmery in Bursa Yenişehir, agricultural activities are carried out on thousand 158 decares of land with an instant capacity of 2,200 cattle and an annual capacity of 4,800 cattle, with an instant capacity of 3,000 and an annual capacity of 15,000 small ruminants, 110 decares of livestock farms, quarantine areas, 35 decares of educational research facilities and thousand 13 decares of arable agricultural land with feed production, vegetable, and fruit gardens.

Meat and agricultural products produced by Tabiat Tarım are offered for sale under the brands of Dürdane Ana Butchery and Dürdane Ana Marketplace - Grocery in all of Özdilek's hypermarkets, online shopping site 'Ö' and for serving in its restaurants.

Our Brands

Brands engaged in the Agriculture and Livestock Farm sector

  • Tabiat Tarım