Cafe & Restaurant 40 Years of Experience and A Journey of Taste

Özdilek Holding welcomes its guests in Safahat Lokantası, Kafe Safahat, Carême Restaurant, Partly Cloudy Café, Gold Time, and Vertice Café & Brasserie with its 40 years of experience in the café-restaurant sector.

Beginning this journey with its center in Bursa in 1983, Özdilek crowned this operation with the brand "Safahat" in 2015. Safahat Lokantası, Kafe Safahat with its impeccable flavors diligently prepared by master chefs and years of experience serves in Özdilek Shopping Mall and hypermarkets.

Bringing the unique tastes of World and Turkish cuisines, Carême Restaurant welcomes its guests in Wyndham Grand Istanbul Levent and Wyndham Grand Izmir Özdilek with its elegant decoration and perfect service quality.

Partly Cloudy Café offers delicious, healthy, fresh, and enjoyable snacks and meals to its visitors. Partly Cloudy Cafe serves in three locations, Qualitasspa Eskişehir, Qualitasspa Istanbul, and Qualitasspa Izmir.

Located in Özdilek Kocaeli, ÖzdilekPark Bursa Nilüfer, and ÖzdilekPark Istanbul, Gold Time has a delicious range of products from hot beverages to cold drinks, from cakes to cold sandwiches and more.

Vertice Cafe & Brasserie in Wyndham Grand Istanbul Levent and Wyndham Grand Izmir Özdilek offers an elegant location for its visitors to come and have a great time with skillfully prepared delicacies, food, and drink alternatives while Ozone Night Club promises a great night for its customers with the harmony of its rich foreign and domestic drink menu and the music.

Our Brands

Brands engaged in the Cafe & Restaurant section

  • Kafe Safahat
  • Safahat Lokantası
  • Careme Restaurant
  • Gold Time
  • Vertice Cafe Brasserie
  • Partly Cloudy Cafe