Production: Producing each detail

Starting in 1971 with two weaving looms, 5 personnel, and an annual production of 10 tons of towels in towel's hometown Bursa, Özdilek's production story is now continuing with an annual production of 14,000 tons of cotton yarn, 7,500 tons of towel-bathrobe and 18,000,000 meters of duvet cover-sheet production in facilities with a 122,000-square meter closed area.

One of the leading producers of towels and bathrobes, Özdilek Home Textile is the highest capacity producer and exporter in Europe, North America, and the Middle East with its fully integrated production facilities.

It is one of the leading producers in the world with its quality-oriented production approach in cotton yarn, towel-bathrobe weaving, towel-bathrobe dyeing, towel-bathrobe garment, dyeing, printing, and duvet-linen garment facilities. Sadem, an Özdilek brand that started to be sold abroad in 2017, especially in the USA, entered the home textile-retailing market in Turkey in 2019 with its organic products and special design collection.

With the purpose of presenting higher-quality products to its customers besides textile production, Özdilek Holding offers ice cream under its "Sütfest" brand at the center of Bursa, Turkish delight with its "Özdilek Lokum" brand in Afyonkarahisar and in the food sector with its "Dürdane Ana Kasabı" brand with meats from Tabiat Tarım farm in Yenişehir, Bursa.

Özdilek Holding meets all of its electricity needs and half of its heating and hot water needs in its Özakım Cogeneration Facilities, using its natural gas fuel, in its headquarters, shopping malls, and management offices located in Bursa.

The plant was established in 2001 and uses gas turbines for these needs, was completely renovated in 2011 and made more efficient and effective with a gas engine cogeneration plant. The plant generates 4300 kW of electricity, 3-ton steam, and 1600 kW of hot water per hour.

On the other hand, Özakım Trigeneration Facilities in Wyndham Grand Izmir Özdilek Hotel which started its operation in 2017 meet all the electricity needs, 70% of heating needs and 50% of the cooling needs of this complex using natural gas fuel. The production volume of this plant is 800 kW of electricity, 800 kW of heat, and 850 kW of cooling energy per hour.

Our Brands

Brands we serve in the production sector

  • Özdilek Ev Tekstili
  • Sadem
  • Floretta
  • Nev
  • Özdilek Lokum
  • Dürdana Ana
  • Sütfest
  • Özakım