As a country, we were shaken by one of the biggest natural disasters of the Republic of Turkey in February. We are still deeply saddened by the traces left by the Kahramanmaraş-based earthquake disaster that directly affected 11 provinces. Our prayers are for tens of thousands of citizens who lost their lives in this great earthquake, condolences and patience to their relatives, and recovery to those who were injured.

Özdilek Holding was gladly committed to comprehensive and coordinated work since the first day to heal the wounds of our country after the earthquake disaster and to quickly reach the earthquake-stricken victims.


Standing by the earthquake victims by providing approximately 30 million cash and in-kind support through the relevant ministries, AFAD, non-governmental organizations, and official institutions to meet the needs in the region, Özdilek sent blankets to the disaster zone on the first day of the earthquake to warm and protect the earthquake victims. In the following period, in line with the needs of the region, basic materials such as bed linen and towels were delivered to the region in coordination with the relevant organizations. Winter clothes (coats, boots, fleece, cardigans, vests, tracksuits, sweaters, coats, berets, gloves, scarves, overalls, and thermal clothing) for women, men, children, and babies were shipped to the region to meet the needs in severe winter conditions. Özdilek continued to stand by the citizens affected by the earthquake by providing basic food supplies (dry food, pulses, ready meals, canned food, milk, water, soft drinks) and hygiene products (diapers, sanitary napkins) as well as containers for the earthquake victims in the region and rent support for those who left the region.