Özdilek Holding, whose foundations were laid in 1971, believes that all companies operating in our country should carry out their activities to protect and increase green areas and attaches great importance to social responsibility projects in this regard.

In order to ensure a sustainable life, between 2004 and 2005, the Company donated 40,000 saplings to the Izmir Friendship Forest and the National Sovereignty Forest located within the borders of Urla-Zeytinlik and Menderes Görece, creating a total of 3 commemorative forests.

Being aware that protecting green means protecting the world and life, in 2018, in cooperation with the Turkish Foundation for Combating Erosion, Reforestation and Protection of Natural Assets (TEMA), 30 thousand saplings were planted in Bursa Karacabey on behalf of Özdilekteyim.com, Özdilek Education, Health, Culture and Arts Foundation and Özdilek Holding.

Continuing its social responsibility projects with the idea of "Our Mind is Forest, Our Mind is Sapling", Özdilek donated 10 thousand saplings on behalf of Özdilek Home Textiles to İzmir Bademli Afforestation Area in cooperation with TEMA.


Özdilek Holding, which continues to work to preserve nature and the future, is undertaking another valuable social responsibility project on the 100th anniversary of the Turkish Republic. Sivas Sivrialan Memorial Forest located within the borders of Sivas Sarkışla donates 20 thousand more seedlings to the Sivas Sivrialan Memorial Forest, making one hundred thousand saplings flourish on the earth in the centenary year.

Özdilek Holding, which planted a total of 8 forests and 100 thousand seedlings with its project to leave a green world, is leaving the most valuable gift to the future on the 100th anniversary of our republic.